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Why Should You Allow Others to Copy Your Binance Trades For a Fee?

binance canglesticks

So, why should you? If you have a good trading strategy, you can just trade by yourself and earn money, right?

Yes, you could earn with your trading, but you are simply not making use of the full potential of your trades that way.

binance canglesticks

If you are concerned about your followers having an impact on the market, thus messing with your Binance trading strategy — don’t be. Simply put — the market is huge, and the only competitors that you should be worried about are the market makers, which have entirely different strategies when it comes to trying to take your money. If you are still worried about too many people following you — simply raise the subscription fee.

Here are some of the reasons to share.

Reason #1 – Look up to the best/most successful trading entities

If Jim Simons kept his trading machine learning algorithm from 1982 to himself, he would probably have the net worth of $2.16B by now. But he chose to share it, and he has $21.6B instead. Those were just the actions of the “smartest billionaire”, you don’t have to do stuff those brainiacs at hedge funds do.


Reason #2 – Earning more means that your risk is lower

Let’s face it — you’re not omniscient and you are aware that there is a risk involved in trading. That risk shouldn’t be too impactful on your entire net worth, but losses happen even to the best.

Letting people follow and copy your trades means that your trades generate more income, but don’t require additional investment. Even if you have a really bad month, you will still receive funds from your monthly subscription, which is never a bad thing.

Reason #3 – Building trust and connections

There are many traders that provide “signals” to their followers, and it’s often being done without any proof that the trader has too invested money based on their prediction. With Crypto Denada, all the trade data is pulled directly from the trader’s exchange account trading history. That way followers can be sure that what they pay for has value.

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