Why do I share my Binance trades for free?

May 17, 2020

I recently tweeted that the fee for following my Binance trading portfolio is just $0.5 on CryptoDenada, and that’s because we didn’t have an option to share a portfolio for free. Thanks to our development team, now it’s $0. No PayPal needed, no credit card information – just click subscribe and you’ll get notified whenever I make a trade. With this new version of our platform (“$0 portfolios” was just my personal request, there are more feature updates with the new version) you can also trade on your Binance account directly from Denada, make sure to check it out!

But wait, why would you give away your portfolio for free?

It’s simple, actually – my job at CryptoDenada is to build a larger community around this project, and I think that sharing a trading portfolio for free would help me do my job.

Nothing to see here, carry on!

What’s the catch, are there some hidden fees? (An actual question I was asked a couple of days ago)

There’s no really a catch. Of course, since I work for Deanda, I would like you to follow other traders (which usually aren’t free) and I would like you to share your own portfolio on our platform, but there’s no catch. You see everything I do on Binance, and that’s it. In return, my boss is happy because more users came to the platform. Nothing weird, it’s simple as that.

What exactly do you get by subscribing to my trades? You get notified via an email or a Telegram message (or both) whenever I make a trade. You can also chat with me privately on CryptoDenada. I’m currently +7.7%, and I mostly trade ETH/USDT, but I’m looking into diversifying my portfolio.


There are so many trading signals on Twitter & Telegram – Why should I join Denada and follow you?

The difference between “trading signals” and any trading portfolio on CryptoDenada is that anyone can post anything they want on Twitter or Telegram, without any real evidence that they actually practice what they say. When you get a notification from CryptoDenada, it contains info pulled directly from Binance API – you receive info about the trading pair, amount, the price, and the time. There’s no way for me to send a notification without making that trade myself.

I can (and I will) post updates on my CryptoDenada news feed and I can think out loud over there, but when you get an official notification – you can be sure that I made that trade.


See the video guide on how you can share your own Binance portfolio:


If you prefer Kraken or Bitfinex, you can also share your trades from either of those two. Or if you want to follow some other trader, you can do so on Denada. Happy trading, see you around!

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