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A Short Intro To Cryptocurrencies And Trading — Part 1

south park aaaand its gone day trading

To many, cryptography and blockchain (explained further down in the text) are often something mysterious, cryptic (pun intended!).

But that’s just the technology part — things start to get really tricky when you add economy into the equation.

always sunny meme crypto conspiracy

So, if you are planning on investing in it, there actually is a reason to be afraid of the complexity of the blockchain world. This won’t be an ordinary glossary nor an ordinary post, it will be sorted by meaning rather than alphabetically. Still searchable if you hit “CTRL + F” though, so the order shouldn’t be a problem!

Bitcoin (BTC) — first cryptocurrency, created in 2009. The creator of Bitcoin is still anonymous, going by the name (pseudonym) of Satoshi Nakamoto.

In 2019, Bitcoin is still by far the most popular cryptocurrency, with a whopping 70% dominance, meaning that the market capitalization…

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Author: Adam Radivojevic, CEO of Futuristicon
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