Enter Eth Town – a blockchain game you can play as Kim Jong-Un or a potato…. Wait, what?

Yes, the title says it right. Hot Potato has been sold for a whooping 31 Eth (at the time of writing this article that’s $14,213 USD – go figure!).

Sasha Grey sold for only 21 Eth, hm… I guess her fans weren’t online when the sale was going on!

To be honest – I don’t get it completely, but since F2pool invested 200 Eth in this game, it may be a big one. I guess he knows what he’s doing.

Check out Eth Town here

One thing is for sure – developers are experienced and have a great sense of humor, one of the few things that are crucial to games of this kind.

They already have over dozen of games published which reflects on the presentation of Eth Town – great art and well executed presale.

I’ve been monitoring CryptoKitties for some time and I am not impressed because there is no stopping the fall of value on next generation of Kitties. I’m glad that Eth Town solved the problem of inflation since you will need two Lvl 1 characters in order to create one Lvl 2 character.

Hot Potato (my favorite character) is sold, along with Infernal Horse (30 Eth) and Pac-Mac (32 Eth). WTF or FTW?

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what do you think about this game!

Check out Eth Town here

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