Fuck Cancer While Playing Skyrim

While using our Futuristicon gaming store, your computer works on keeping you healthy and… alive.

Why Choose Futuristicon?

Because who really wants to get old and die? 

Not really passionate about pooping in a diaper and forgetting your own name? Then join us. Our goal is to unite all the gamers in the world and solve huge problems, such as cancer (#2 biggest killer), heart diseases (#1 biggest killer), and even the ultimate dickhead of them all – age related diseases (Alduin of all life).

Because life is awesome!

Live a healthy and long life and see how many Skyrim re-releases Todd can make. Ulti-UItimate Pro Mega 2050 Edition?

Hell yeah!

Because we are one of you.

By the gamers, for the gamers. We promise not to sell to Micosoft and become a faceless profit-driven corporation. (Damn it Todd!)

By using our gaming store, your PC automatically crunches numbers for scientists who work on finding solutions to cancer, heart diseases, world hunger and other important issues.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do a thing (we just need you to play as you usually do). We promise there are no boring puzzle games involved. Unless you want to.

So, if you are interested in living long enough to see Elder Scrolls 15, Mass Effect 20 or whatever your favorite game is, join us today. 

Every 17 hours of using our store saves roughly one life!