So You Want to Learn Machine Learning? Want to create Artificial Intelligence? Read this!

With Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Technologies making such an impact on almost every industry in the world, it's only natural to take an interest. While you're at it, why not make a career out of it? That would be a smart choice, because not only employment and great salary is guaranteed, you will be solving many... Continue Reading →

AI with Siraj Raval

If you are in any way interested in Artificial Intelligence and haven't heard of Siraj Raval, you're in for a treat! Siraj Raval is a programmer - AI enthusiast, YouTuber, musician, one of the most charismatic and one of the most passionate man I know about. But as I already said - he ain't' just... Continue Reading →

Deep Learning at NVIDIA: AI Reconstructs Photos with Realistic Results (Image Inpainting for Irregular Holes Using Partial Convolutions)

Researchers from NVIDIA, led by Guilin Liu, introduced a state-of-the-art deep learning method that can edit images or reconstruct a corrupted image, one that has holes or is missing pixels. The method can also be used to edit images by removing content and filling in the resulting holes. It will only get better once it... Continue Reading →

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