Best ICO to invest in – 2018

When investing in an ICO (or any kind of startup actually), you want it to have:

  • A healthy, strong business model

A strong business model means a good and stable way of generating revenue for the company, thus increasing token demand and price. A project dies if no revenue is generated (take Diaspora project as an example – a great code, amazing idea, but it wasn’t monetized properly so it failed. Hard)


  • Real world application, preferably targeted towards mainstream audience

Huge island of fat is awesome, I get it – but it won’t get you much return on your investment. The project you are investing in needs to solve a real world problem. That problem shouldn’t be too specific (the broader the better (but not crazy broad, biting way more that it can chew!).
That means that instead of following your dreams of decentralizing unicorn dreams, you should focus on finance, medicine, education, science etc.

  • Transparent team

Simple as that – you should be able to see who is behind the project you intend to invest in. However, there are exceptions – note that Bitcoin’s Satoshi is still anonymous).

Some people need to keep their identities hidden, not necessarily to scam investors – there are political and social circumstances that prevent many great inventors from doing their job.

  • Innovative idea, or an improvement to existing one that has proven to be good

Great project does not necessarily need to invent the wheel 2.0, but you do not want to throw your funds into an average product. Your champion ICO needs to be different than it’s competition, to offer users something new.


  • The most important thing  – timing.

Google + is not as successful as Facebook despite arguably being better in many aspects. Why? The answer is timing! Facebook wouldn’t triumph either if it went online couple of years earlier than it did, because no one would be interested in abandoning a good enough MySpace.
That is one of the reasons why I recommend going for Bitto Exchange ICO. This period reminds me of the birth of the next generation of social networks – happening in Cryptocurrency exchange markets. No Exchange had a goal more complete than Bitto; the timing is perfect since many exchanges just don’t seem to have a will to change.

I’ve done my research on Bitto and I believe it is a low risk investment, but if you want less gain and even less risk, I would also investing in Ethereum or Bitcoin itself (just to mention – Bitto is Ethereum based ERC20 token)


  • Conclusion

If you are not sure what to do – invest in Ethereum or Bitcoin itself. Take a look at Bitto Exchange ICO I mentioned if you want some bigger return on investment. I’ve been monitoring their work and I am confident that they will succeed in becoming the next big thing in Crypto world. Don’t take my word for it, take advice from their advisor and investor Ismail Malik – one of the most influential people on the blockchain.

Now is the perfect time for the next generation of Exchange. Binance and Kucoin have huge user bases, but it is not enough.

As MySpace was replaced by Facebook, we can expect Binance to be replaced by Bitto.

With a great idea of covering everything needed by users, Bitto will hold a true monopoly because no other exchange will be able to compete with Smart Trading, Signal, Staking, Crytocurrencies Backed Loan (legit – peer to peer SALT like loan), Referral program and of course Exchange services.

Also, Bitto has incredibly low token supply, making it a really good thing to invest in. This Exchange ICO has a total supply of 33.000.000 tokens only, and that’s why I’m confident it can hit 50$ by the end of 2018.

I’m truly excited about this project because it will have so many features in one vendor. Fewer middlemen means lower fee for end user, which translates to many users switching to Bitto services.

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