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Auction Rules


Hi, and thank you for your interest in our auctions!

These auctions will raise funds to help projects like Rosetta@Home, folding@home, GPUGrid and others.

Fans (auction bidders) will bid for the attention of the auction celebrity (auction seller). Fans can ask questions, ask for advice, pitch their ideas, zealously and angrily ask about lore, etc.

Requests should be reasonable and kept to online activities (e.g. do not ask for in-person meetings or anything that requires too much effort).


Guidelines for fans (bidders):

Bid as a direct reply to the auction tweet.

As stated in the general guidelines, please keep the bid request reasonable and kept to online activities.


Guidelines for celebrities (auction seller):

The highest bidder (or several highest bidders, which is up to you to decide) wins the auction and gets the undivided attention of the seller for up to 10 minutes.

Celebrities answer in a form of their choosing, which can be a tweet, a video chat, or an email, and should not spend more than 10 minutes for that activity (it’s fine if they want to, these are just guidelines to set the boundaries and protect everyone from abuse).

In order to make sure to prevent any abuse of the auction, please do not answer requests before the bidding is over and/or the donation is confirmed.

At this time, the only thing Futuristicon requires is for celebrities to provide some sort of public confirmation that the answer/request was delivered. A reply to the auction tweet is fine.


Funds allocation:

Funds raised on auctions will be distributed to aid scientific computing by donating to Boinc project contributors, and to pay marketing and staff expenses. Our sincere goal is to help advance science through computing, and if we ever determine that too much of the funds goes to pay staff members (that the project is not self-sustaining and is not serving the original purpose),  we will change our operating model and try our best to correct these issues or terminate the project.