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AI with Siraj Raval


If you are in any way interested in Artificial Intelligence and haven’t heard of Siraj Raval, you’re in for a treat!

Siraj Raval is a programmer – AI enthusiast, YouTuber, rapper, one of the most charismatic and one of the most passionate dudes I know.

But as I already said – he ain’t’ just a data scientist and a major nerd – he’s also a rapper/music composer! He raps about training models, AI, and science in general. You know, the usual kind of rapper.

“Python is his city

And if it weren’t for Team Raval,

then the US would be shitty”


Siraj is one of those guys who understand the power of free and likes to give it all away. In the video below you can find his tutorial on how to get into deep learning in just 6 weeks (6 weeks of brutal, intense learning, don’t be dissapointed if you don’t manage it)

From the video description:

“Deep Learning is the dark art of our times. Incredibly powerful, mysteriously accurate, and accessible to just about anyone. In this video, I’ve compiled an open-source 6-week curriculum to help you learn deep learning using various sources from the Web. I’ll describe all of my learning resources, why I chose them, and how they can help you. Starting with feedforward networks, to convolutional networks, recurrent networks, adversarial learning, and finally deep reinforcement learning. Enjoy!

Curriculum for this video: https://github.com/llSourcell/Learn_D…

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