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Futuristicon started out as a blog, but it has grown to become more than just that.
We now also offer SEO, marketing, and web design services.

The most exciting thing about us, however, is our scientific computing project. More about it here


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A word or two about our business model:

Although auction activities of our company have a non-profit business model, Futuristicon itself is not a non-profit. The reason for this isn’t greed, but the concern about the sustainability of our endeavors. In order to scale properly and make a real impact on scientific computing, we need investors, and in order to incentivize investing in our company, we need to adopt a for-profit business model. The auction part of our company will retain a non-profit model, but we reserve the right to monetize the future platform (which is in development, Twitter-based auctions is the first phase of our plan) with ads and add additional features, all while not compromising the vision, which is to considerably advance scientific computing. This kind of business model will also help overcome the possibility of pure for-profit competitors gaining a market advantage.