What We Do and Why We Do It

Learn about what we can do for you and what is our motive behind behind giving back a large chunk of our profit to life-extension advocators.

Taking Care of Business

End-to-end digital solution for your business - never have to worry about development again.

Perfect for Your Company

Our hybrid business model allows us to grow and also give back - to ensure that altruistic industry succeeds.

Industry Standard Technology

Scalable, secure and fast MERN stack. Blazing fast front-end so you never lose a client again.

We code. Beautifully.

End-to-end digital solution for your business - never have to worry about development again.

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MERN Stack Development

Using cutting-edge technology standards of the MERN stack, we will deliver the best for you. Don't settle for anything less than a scalable, stable, and blazing-fast app or website.

Technology Consulting

We offer consulting for small companies and companies whose operations are not primarily in IT, to ensure you make the right technical decision before it’s too late.

Startup Stack

For startups and innovators wanting to test the market and their product we deliver less scalable but more affordable software ready for rapid testing and pivoting.

Jamstack Websites

If your website needs are mostly a static website, Jamstack offers blazing-fast and secure websites.

Perfect for altruistic businesses.

You don’t only get the perfect website/app for your company. When working with us, you help the altruistic business ecosystem even more.

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If you can describe it,

We can build it. Never worry about your development again.

Our problems are urgent.

We are aware that our world has problems that needs to be solved as soon as possible. That is why we want to accelerate the altruistic industry and advocacy for it as much as we can.

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Why give back?

We believe that we all need to unite against the tyranny of diseases, hunger, and other threats to our world. Help must not be given only by charities, entrepreneurs and governments, but also the web developers, artists, lawyers - everyone. We can all help in our own way, and this is how we can help the best.

But what about the sweet, sweet profit?

We don’t really hate yachts, but we want to do good first and show the world and other entrepreneurs the better way - that you can make a profit while also ensuring that the future of our planet is bright and secure. There’s time for everything, and now is the time to fix some pressing issues of mankind. Solve the problem of Ai safety, world hunger and aging first, then solve the problem of buying a Porsche.

Why not go with the non-profit model all the way?

We adopt this hybrid business model because we believe that the competitive advantage of companies that operate on a pure for-profit basis is extremely difficult to beat. For-profit companies have better funding than non-profit ones, and that is because most investors want to have a return on their investment, which isn’t possible in non-profits. We also want to scale and produce even more value, which would be nearly impossible with a pure non-profit model. Hence the hybrid, public-benefit, not-totally-for-profit model.

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Lab Research

Yachts come second,

Solving AI safety and world hunger come first.

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